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We believe in music. We are a charity that uses music to empower individuals and build community cohesion in developing countries. Over the past four years we have given over 650 children access to music education who would otherwise not have it, employing local teachers to go into schools.  We also help musicians both record and perform their work, and provide a platform for music that would otherwise not be heard. We want to showcase talent in Africa and other parts of the developing world. We are looking to strengthen nascent music industries into vibrant commercial sectors in which artists can hope to generate a real livelihood for themselves. See our specific projects for more information. 

Arts Development 

Breaking into the music industry is challenging at the best of times. Sound Foundation aims to give young, aspiring musicians the support they need to make a start in their dream career. We do this by giving artists a platform to perform live, creating networking and recording opportunities, and encouraging peer-to-peer collaboration. At present we are working on bringing some of our artists to the UK, for a collaboration with Western artists. 
Sound Foundation’s Arts Development Programme focuses on: 

  • Providing opportunities for live performances
  • Providing studio time
  • Releasing, distributing and promoting music
  • Creating networking opportunities
  • Building partnerships with local music           organisations
  • Enriching communities with cultural events

Music Education

We know that music education can change lives for the better: learning rhythms, reading music and performing in public improve cognitive development, academic performance, social skills and self-confidence. Since January 2011 - when we began to pilot our programme in the Namugongo Parents’ School on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda – we have already seen that transformative potential. The programme now runs in a second school, in Namuwongo informal settlement, Kampala. We hope to spread to other institutions soon. The programme focuses on:

  • 2-3 classes per week
  • Percussion classes (all instruments locally produced and procured)
  • Recorder classes (to teach children to read music)
  • Singing, voice and composition classes
  • Termly concerts
  • Text books provided

Sound Foundation Music is registered charity no. 1154194

E: T: 07855906114 A: 19 Mile end place, london, e1 4bh

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